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Online Voter Registration

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Check Your Voter Registration

Find Your Election Dates, Polling Location, Voter ID Requirements, Voter Accessibility Laws, Sample Ballots

US Election Assistance Commission
Accessibility, Language, Oversea, etc Assistance

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Have a past conviction and wondering if you can vote?

Learn about Issues and Candidates on Your Ballot

League of Women Voters

League of Conservation Voters


Non-partisan information (voting record, funding sources, speeches, etc) on candidates

The Cook Political Report
Non-partisan election analysis

Free Rides to Vote and/or Register to Voter

Free Rides



Dodge City, Kansas Voter Suppression
After the only polling place in Dodge City, Kansas, was moved outside of the city, more than a mile from public transportation, Voto Latino, a Latino advocacy organization, chose to dedicate it rides within the town, which is 60 percent Hispanic. Voto Latino is pushing fundraising efforts to help cover the costs.

Free Rentals

Lime Bike or Scooter


Capital Bike Share


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Tips on Fighting Voter Suppression

  • If you are turned away at the polls don’t walk away Say this: I REQUEST A PROVISIONAL BALLOT AS REQUIRED BY LAW. Don’t let them steal your vote.
  • If a voting center closes stay in line until you get a chance to vote

Know Your Rights: Voter Intimidation

Contact for Assistance:

  • the Election Protection Hotline (866-OUR-VOTE)
  • the Department of Justice Voting Rights Hotline (800-253-3931)
  • or an attorney if you believe that your rights have been violated

Volunteer During Election Day

Volunteer With Your Closest Swing District to Help Swing Blue

Become a Poll Worker

Voter Suppression Advocacy Groups

Common Cause

League of Women Voters

Campaign Legal Center