The People’s Calendar

RiseStronger: The People’s Calendar

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The People’s Calendar is unlike any else out there. This powerful tool can sync directly with your Google Calendar and automatically populate your personal calendar with events based on your preferences and location. You control it and can tailor it to your needs. You’ll automatically see Congressional town halls, protest/rallies, and other events around you on your personal calendar without having to check websites or emails. The goal is to make resistance seamless and easy for you. Click “My Calendar” below to get started!




Additional Frequently National Updated Activist Calendars

Resistance Calendar

  • Michael Moore Calendar of actions across the nation

Town Hall Project

  • Find the nearest town hall hosted by your member of congress (MOC), MOC office location and hours, and events your MOC is attending to voice your concern

Indivisible Action Calendar

  • Focused, weekly activities for congressional impact