Water Grabs

Nestle is trying to build bottling factories to bottle public spring water in Washington State and Oregon, and while currently abusing and exploiting public water in places like Michigan, California, Ontario, Pakistan and Nigeria .

Often, Nestle makes deals with local municipalities to extract enormous amounts of public water for next to nothing.  In Michigan they are pushing a deal to extract 400 gallons a minute indefinitely for one flat fee of $200.  In Ontario Nestle pays $3.71 for every million gallons liters it pumps and sells back to the public for $2 million.  Nestle even works to remove water pumping restrictions during the drought in California.

Bottling factories can have huge environmental impacts and social injustices when the control of public water is given to private corporations.  In places like Pakistan and Nigeria Nestle “Pure Life” bottling factories have cause enough pollution in the water in poor villages to cause health issues and villagers can no longer drink the water.  The only safe water to drink is controlled by Nestle and has become too expensive for poor people to afford.


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