Baby Formula

Starting in the late 1970s Nestle intentional has been promoting their breast milk alternatives products such as baby milk formula which has contributed to unnecceasry death and suffering of infants.

According to International Baby Milk Action (IBAN)

“Nestlé promotes its baby milk around the world with the claim such as it is the ‘natural start’, ‘gentle start’ and ‘protects’ babies. In truth, babies fed on formula are more likely to become sick than breastfed babies and, in conditions of poverty, more likely to die. Nestlé has promised to drop the ‘natural start’ claim by mid-2015 following pressure from the campaign, but not the others.

The World Health Organisation says: “Globally, breastfeeding has the potential to prevent about 800,000 deaths among children under five each year if all children 0–23 months were optimally breastfed.” That is 11.6% of all deaths amongst children under five years old could be prevented by breastfeeding.

Expensive baby foods can also increase family poverty. Poverty is a major cause of malnutrition.  Nestlé targets pregnant women, mothers of babies and young children and health workers to promote its products and boost its sales. Nestlé also puts babies who need to be fed on formula at risk. It refuses to warn on labels that powdered formula is not sterile and may contain harmful bacteria and does not give correct instructions on how to reduce the risks – unless forced to by law (as in the UK, where it markets the SMA brand).”

IBAN is currently organizing a boycott against Nestle until they accept and comply with Baby Milk Action’s four-point plan for saving infant lives

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