Clothing Waste


  • Environmental Protection Agency says the average individual throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year, which adds up to 3.8 billion pounds of unnecessary waste added to landfills worldwide.
  • Over 80 billion pieces of cloths are purchased world wide each year while we’re throwing away nearly that much to make room in our closets
  • We purchase 400 percent more clothing today than we did 20 years ago
  • The fashion industry is increasingly making clothes more disposable in order to sell more cloths and make more profit.
  • Much of the clothes made every year are made in with practices that don’t support labor rights, human rights, fair wages and the environment.



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Rent Your Clothes

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Donate to cloths to:

National Thrift Store Directory
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Donating Clothes to International Charities
Donating clothes to international charities is a mixed and complicated issue.  Most of the donated clothes isn’t given away but sold very cheaply to merchants to be resold.  One one hand this is keeping clothes out of the dump, helping local merchants and markets and helping people buy clothes cheaply.  The argument against this is local clothes making businesses can’t compete against the flood of donated clothes which can hurt the local economy.  Many African countries are banning the donation of these clothes.

To learn more about this issue read these Guardian article. 

Europe’s secondhand clothes brings mixed blessings to Africa

So your second-hand clothes are sold to Africa – don’t stop donating them


If you decided its still worth donating look for these bins below.

World Wear Project

Planet Aid

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Google your local clothes recycling company

DC:  The Clothing Recycling Company
(includes a map of bins)