Chevron/Texaco & Amazon Crude


In 2001 Chevron was found guilty of one of the worst environmental disasters in the world in Ecuador’s rainforest and was ordered to pay $9.5 Billion to clean up their contamination.  Instead of paying any damages Chervon fled the country and sued the communities in the US for extortion.

According to Chevron Toxico,

“While drilling in the Ecuadorian Amazon from 1964 to 1990, Texaco – which merged with Chevron in 2001 – deliberately dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater, spilled roughly 17 million gallons of crude oil, and left hazardous waste in hundreds of open pits dug out of the forest floor. To save money, Texaco chose to use environmental practices that were obsolete, did not meet industry standards, and were illegal in Ecuador and the United States.

The result was, and continues to be, one of the worst environmental disasters on the planet. Contamination of soil, groundwater, and surface streams has caused local indigenous and campesino people to suffer a wave of mouth, stomach and uterine cancer, birth defects, and spontaneous miscarriages. Chevron has never cleaned up the mess it inherited, and its oil wastes continue to poison the rainforest ecosystem.”

After 22 years of litigation Chevron still continues to fight Ecuadorian indigenous and farmer communities for any compensation or remediation while affected people in Ecuador continue to live with the pollution, lack of potable water and horrible health effects of Chevron’s disaster.”

An anonymously Chevron employee whistle blowing sent these tapes documenting Chevron’s attempt to cover up the environmental contamination.

Amazon Crude

Chevron is one of the leading importers of “amazon crude” oil but most gas companies that have California refineries, like Shell and Exxon, end up processing some amazon crude.   Amazon crude is crude oil drilled in the amazon with devastating impacts on the environment and people living in the Amazon.


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