Fact Checking/Research

Below are resources to help fact check and research news, politicians and pundits. Click on each name for more info. If you have any feedback, suggestions or more resources to write about please email responsibleconsumer1@gmail.com.

Calimero: Importance of Fact Checking

News Fact Checking Organizations




Google Fact Checking Add on


Political Research Organizations

Non-partisan research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.

Non-partisan information on candidates and elected officials from their voting record, funding sources, speeches, etc

The Cook Political Report
Non-partisan election analysis

The League of Conservation Voters: National Environmental Scorecard
Scorecard on how politicians vote to support environmental issues

A website for tracking government bills with email alerts

Site with news about introduced government bills

Activist Apps

Dial Congress
Chrome extension that turns every article you read into a congressional call to action


Video on how to assess the credibility of a source


How to Spot a Misleading Graph


An Introductory Critical Media Literacy (Video) Mixtape