Removing Google Ads from Breitbart

Many websites use automatic online ads that often follow the user instead of the website.  Many of these automatic ads end up appearing on and financing sites that spread misinformation and hate such as Breitbart News.  For more information on the types of articles Breitbart publishes follow this link.

Many automatic online ad companies like AppNexus have banned sites like Breitbart News while others, like google ads, have not regardless of Google’s AdSense content guidelines which says its ads may not be placed next:

  • Pages with content that advocates/condones violence or makes threats of harm against an individual or group
  • Pages with harassing or bullying content
  • Pages with content that incites or promotes hatred against a group or individuals
  • Content that encourages others to believe that a group or individual is inhuman or inferior
  • Content that attacks a person or group on the basis sexual orientation or gender identity

Breitbart regularly publishes articles that violate these conditions.

If you want to remind Google of its own content guidelines and request google band ads from hate sites like Breitbard follow these steps.

(1) Go to (I know, ugh, but keep going).
(2) Find a Google AdSense ad. It will have a teal triangle or circle and an x in the upper right corner.
(3) Click on the triangle or circle.

(4) If you are given the option, click “Why this Ad?” On the Google page that loads, click “learn more” in the text toward the bottom.
(6) If you are taken straight to the “About Google Ads,” page, scroll down and click to “Leave feedback on the website you just saw.”
(7) You are given a choice between “the website” and “the ads”. Choose “the website”.
(8) Check the box saying that the website (Breitbart) promotes racial intolerance. If you like, add a comment. I did.
(9) Click submit!
(10) Copy & paste this post on all your social media outlets🙂

If Google kicks Breitbart out of its ad network it will make a big difference to the company’s bottom line. So tell Google to Dump Breitbart.


PS!!!!!  You can do this for any site promoting hate while hosting Google Ads.


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