Defunding Misinformation, Hate and Eco Disasters

The following are active campaigns and actions anyone can support to convince advertisements and investors to defund harmful projects.  If you know of other defunding campaigns please email

Defunding Misinformation and Hate

Sleeping Giants vs Breitbart News

Removing Google Ads from Breitbart News

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Petition: Amazon: Stop investing in hate

Petition: Boycott Sirius FM for Broadcasting Breitbart

Petition: Tell Costco to commit not to invest in hate

Defunding Trump Products

Defunding Eco Disasters

Divesting from Banks Invested in Dakota Access Pipeline

Divest from Banks Invested in Rain Forest Destruction/unsustainable Palm Oil Production

Petition: City of Oakland: Divest from DAPL


Defunding Racism

Black Out: Campaign to move money into black owned banks and credit unions

Dr. Martin Luther King on Black Empowerment by Withdrawing Economic Support