The Responsible Consumer is an online resource guide on how to change the world with your purchases and actions by connecting people with knowledge, resources, organizations and campaigns around a large variety of issues that currently need support.

The Responsible Consumer website includes information on:
– Over 100 products and companies to promote and boycott
– Over a 100 national & local campaigns covering over 100 issues
– Links to 100s of resources and organizations making a difference
– Lists of credible and non credible news sources for all political views
– Inspiration to keep on fighting

Although the Responsible Consumer focuses on a variety of activist resources, a major focus on the website is responsible consumerism. As consumers we often have more power than as voters and citizens over issues we care about in our food system. Our country is full of progressive victories that came from responsible and intentional consumerism. Responsible consumerism has given poor migrant farm workers the power to negotiate human rights with powerful multinational corporations. Responsible consumerism can encourage companies to meet environmental, worker and health standards. And unintentional consumerism can also encourage companies to avoid these same standards. What we chose to buy at our grocery stores, markets and restaurants shapes what our food system looks like at all levels.

The Responsible Consumer offers information and campaigns on food products and companies to promote and to avoid and how to make huge changes in our country, not by marching in the streets, lobbying politicians or changing your lifestyle, but just by choosing different products to buy and not buy.

The Responsible Consumer is an all volunteer non profit that is looking for people interested in getting involved with content research and writing, editing, website design, and outreach. We’re also looking for people to develop local pages capturing local campaigns in different cities and towns. If anyone is interested in this please reach out to us anytime at theresponsibleconsumer1@gmail.com

We also have a weekly blog that will highlight and educated people on one issue/campaign a week for those who may feel overwhelmed with too much info. Sign up for the blog at this link.

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