2018 Significant Speeches/Videos

Below is a list of significant videos from 2018 and links to other years.  If you know of more videos that should be on this list please email responsibleconsumer1@gmail.com.


Steve Kerr Commenting on NFL banning kneeling during the Anthem and Trump’s Nationalism

Noura Erakat Responding to Israel Massacring 55 non violent protestors and wounding 2,271, including 1,359 wounded with live ammunition, Palestinians in Gaza during the March of Return Protest.  Learn more about Palestinian Resistance.

Michelle Wolf Speaks Truth to Power at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

11-year-old Naomi Wadler’s March For Our Lives speech for black women gun violence victims.  Check out other amazing speeches

Cast of “Black Panther” on Why Black Superheroes Matter

Emma Gonzalez, Survivor of the Douglas High School Massacre Calls Out Trump, the GOP & NRA for profiting off blocking gun reform

AJ+ Video documenting the history of the NRA and the shift between pro- gun control culture to an anti-gun regulation culture for profit.

During the Super Bowl, Ram Trucks used parts of one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches to sell pickup trucks. To show how absurd this commercial was someone edited that commercial with what King actually said about car ads.

Remi Kanazi‘s “This Divestment Bill Hurts My Feelings” highlighting proposed US legislation trying to outlaw anyone boycotting Israel

SNL’s skit “What Even Matters Anymore” demonstrating the insanity of the lack of consequences for Trump’s actions

Halsey Shut Down The NYC Women’s March 2018 With A Poem “A Story Like Mine”  (Leave the pink hats at home)

Additional Amazing Videos from Other Years


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