White Privilege and Racism

Systemic and implicit racism is the real racism of this country. Trump, White supremacy rallies and other explicit racism is just a by-product.

When Trump was elected it was great to see so many people call out the racism that went into that election. But it was also shocking to see many more people rush to defense of calling conservatives racist for voting for a political party that had so many racist issues on its platform from mass Latino deportation, Muslim immigration ban, voter suppression, protecting police brutality, etc,. Since then I’ve been realizing that the majority of white people I know (liberal, moderate, conservative), knew a lot about explicit racism (white nationalism, KKK, neo Nazi, Trump, tea party) but knew very little about implicit racism and systemic (institutional) racism.

If you combine all the people negatively affected by all hate groups every year nationwide its drops in the buckets to all the people negatively affected by implicit and systemic racism every day. If you want to fight white supremacy right now you have to realize the roots of white supremacy comes from implicit and systemic racism. Trump, Tea Party, neo-Nazi are all byproducts of the real racism in this country.

Just a few examples of Implicit and systemic racism include:

– Non-white people are more likely to get stop by police, arrested, harmed, shot by officers that will be acquitted, convicted and given harsher sentences than white people
– Unconscious fear, mistrust or judgement of non-white people
– Education curriculum that whitewashes (downplays) slavery, genocide, rape and racism in the US while glorifying the oppressors such as both confederate and founding fathers slave owners
– Unequal access to job opportunities, higher education, wealth, land ownership and political/corporate leadership for non-white people
– Conservative political parties creating misinformed narratives and policies that imply white people are victims at the cost of non-white civil rights
– Religious institutions that approve and support conservative racists and white Supremacist, by labeling them “Good Christians”
– Discriminatory real estate, banks, and government policies segregating communities and keeping non-white people in poorer areas
– Decades of racially-biased laws and practices in the USDA that pushed non-white farmers off their land
– The majority of news, TV, radio and social media in the US pushing every day, racial biases in our society including unfair stereotypes and fears towards non-white people


All of this racism above and more is unconsciously preserved and supported by the white majority through their complicity and complacency of these problems. This is a white problem and is only going to get better when the majority of white people can identify it, admit their roles in it (including my role) and start to challenge it in every aspect of life.

If you truly want to fight the racism we’re seeing from White Supremacy rallies and Trump you have to start at the root with systemic and implicit racism. I’ve been putting together a resource since the Trump election for white people to educate themselves about all the forms of racism beyond explicit racism, through perspectives, resources and media, mainly created in the last year.

It’s far from done but I thought it’s an appropriate time to start sharing for people wanting to learn about all forms of racism and I wanted to ask for help from anyone with an understanding already of systemic racism who could share more resources, perspectives or interest in helping writing content, to help me finished this site. I hope to make this into free educational curriculum which is something I used to do in a former life. Please feel free to PM me with any feedback or suggestions anytime.

Responsible Consumer: White Privilege and Racism